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Labor and employment issues in your company’s workplace affect your bottom line and expose your company to costly litigation. The good news is that you can prevent the vast majority of problems by knowing the rules and having HR compliance systems in place. At Harbour Business Law, our primary focus is on the preventative and counseling end of employment law, and we do our best to keep you out of litigation. Our attorneys will be your trusted advisors, crafting your employment contracts, non-disclosure agreements, invention assignment agreements, employee handbooks, company policies, and anything else that your company needs to succeed in an ever-changing HR landscape.

When an HR challenge or claim arises, such as the need to terminate a problem employee with care, offer severance, or defend a claim, our experienced attorneys are your stalwart defenders, ready to navigate you through troubled waters, mount your defense, and protect your assets. In some cases, where the claim raises highly specialized issues (such as sexual harassment or discrimination), we will coordinate efforts with specialists in those areas.

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Our team at Harbour Business Law also focuses on helping clients attract and retain talent by offering equity incentive compensation plans and profit interests. Our legal team can develop attractive packages for your growing business.


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