Harbour Business Law was established by Founding Attorney Katelyn J. Dougherty in 2022, after developing a passion for helping others start and grow their businesses throughout her legal career. With a desire to fill an area that appears to be lacking for those starting out on their voyage of entrepreneurship, and the unique needs of entrepreneurs in mind, Harbour Business Law caters its services and practice areas in a strategic manner that allows for the navigation of a business from its pre-inception and start-up phase, through its natural progression of growth, and ultimately sailing into the ideal exit.

Our relationship with our clients is like that expected of in-house legal counsel, with the goal to have a client-focused practice where Harbour Business Law can build long-lasting relationships built on trust, respect, and mutual success. It’s the intent that Harbour Business Law be a true business partner looking not just at singular projects, but the full picture of what will be in the best interest of the client and their businesses