Meet Your Future Legal Team

Tampa Bay has consistently ranked in the top 10 best cities to start and grow a business (source) over the last year. With the startup scene heating up, skilled professionals are stepping in to support the growth. Founding Attorney of Harbour Business Law, Katelyn J. Dougherty, is one of them.

Katelyn is accompanied by legal assistant Amber Ewald, whose inquisitive nature, passion for English, and affinity for all things related to water make her the ideal addition to Harbour Business Law.

In addition to her unique skill set and in-house team, Katelyn utilizes a fantastic array of contractors to meet the Harbour Business Law clients’ needs while working to build an internal team of like-minded individuals.

Katelyn J. Dougherty, Esq.

Katelyn J. Dougherty

Founding Attorney

Amber L. Ewald

Amber L. Ewald

Legal Assistant

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