Let Us Be The Navigational Team For The Growth Of Your Business

Harbour Business Law knows that as your business grows, you will continuously face new challenges and opportunities. As your legal counsel, we can help you to be proactively prepared, or assist you in navigating situations as they arise.

Ready or Not, You’re an Employer

As soon as you hire your first employee, you are officially an employer, required to comply with federal and state labor and employment laws. Acronyms like FLSA, FMLA, and OSHA will suddenly demand your attention. Our clients ask us to help with common labor and employment issues, such as when they must carry workers’ compensation insurance and how enforceable a non-compete agreement can be. We answer your questions and protect you with employee onboarding procedures, handbooks, compliance materials and HR guidance along the way.

Expanding Into New Locations

It might be that your next big market is in the adjacent county, or the other coast, or in South America. When you expand into new markets, you will need a thorough understanding of your new location’s laws and regulations. Look before you leap!

Obtaining Commercial Space

Adding staff and expanding your operations means more space is needed. Hunter Business Law can help you understand, negotiate and review a commercial lease, before you sign. We also can represent you in the purchase of a building.

Eliminating Inefficiencies

Growth itself is not a recipe for success. As you grow, you must take steps to protect profit margins and manage cash flow. Talk to us about creating efficient systems and utilizing resources to their fullest.

Mitigating Your Risks

As your business grows, you have more money, assets, and goodwill to protect. We can help you evaluate changes in your risk profile and implement necessary enhancements.

Managing Crisis

One bad online review, a product shipment falling off the back of a truck, a data breach, or negative news coverage can be devastating to a small business. Hunter Business Law can help you when disaster strikes.

Leveraging Your Existing Business

Growth can come through leveraging systems and markets you have already established. Together we can explore these options and the business and legal considerations that come with diversified offerings.

Business Succession Planning

Creating the best often means planning for the worst. Our business succession strategies will help you protect the people and assets closest to you through strategies such as “Key Man Insurance”.

Mergers & Acquisitions

One way to become a bigger fish in the sea is to gobble up the smaller fish. Or you can merge with like-minded or complementary competitors. Our lawyers can assist with all of the due diligence and transactional work involved with growth through mergers and acquisitions.